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On 20/03/2017 I was lucky enough to be taken to watch the Boy Meets World Tour by my best friend. This is the second time that I’ve seen Drake and as usual, he did not disappoint! Nicki Minaj, Trey, Giggs, Skepta and Popcaan all featured in the concert which was insane. I can’t even describe the use of directing, effects and art work that he brought to the table too. The entire show was beautiful and totally flawless.We were in VIP and at the backstage party so we were surrounded by endless celebs; Winnie Harlow was as beautiful as ever but the real highlight of my night was meeting the one and only… Trey. I was totally star struck! I only regret not saying more.

I absolutely love concerts, the atmosphere and the vibe is something else. One thing I always stress over though, is finding what to wear! Managing the happy medium between being overdressed, but not dressed up enough drives me crazy.

This time I went for street style with a smart casual edge. My low rise ripped jeans and white vest bodysuit were inspired by one of my favourites – Khloe K. She’s not only the funniest Kardashian sister, but she knows what works on her body, isn’t afraid to take fashion risks and she knows when to keep things casual.

Once again my velvet black stilettos made an appearance as they match every outfit and I threw the black waistcoat in to compliment the outfit, making it a little more structured and balanced.

My jeans are super old from Topshop but rips are constantly making more of a continuous appearance each season. This shade of denim just goes with everything and I think the waistline is really flattering.

This body suit is to die for because it shows off just the right amount of cleavage with a round neck and thick straps. It is by far the most comfortable bodysuit I have ever worn. It’s really tight fitting and it’s actually true to size which is hard to come by these days.With the annoying weather transition, sleeveless blazers are perfect for everyones wardrobe! This waistcoat has really low cut sides so it basically hangs off you. It’s very sleek and sexy. I love the smart collar and the parallel front panel buttons. This was a bargain from H&M a few months ago. It also looks so cute with a blouse and neck tie if you aren’t comfortable with your arms being out – I can relate because my pigmentation marks generally make me feel uncomfortable so it’s rare that I have mine out.

My shoes are my usual favourites. The black velvet texture stilettos with a solid, thick, silver heel. I swear these are the comfiest heels I own and they are so plain but pretty. They match every outfit. They aren’t too pointy and they aren’t too round. My Chanel was on my arm giving my outfit that bit of classic glam and my gold Burberry watch to pair with the details.

I did a quick blow dry on my hair so the ends were flicky and I used my favourite Aussie Dry Shampoo to give it all that volume! I had a basic make up look, but I added a little more to my eyes than I usually would. A golden brown shadow to make my eyes pop and a black eyeliner along the waterline.

I hope this post helped you find the perfect happy medium look for concert outfits!

Outfit details below:

Please note: Some of the items are no longer available, in which case I have suggested alternatives or I would recommend trying eBay.


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