My key to clear skin

Whilst growing up my skin made me feel really uncomfortable, it’s a key feature that everyone wants to be flawless. I tried everything and nothing would suit my skin. I would either get very visible little bumps under my skin, or I would come up with random red patches, and the most annoying thing; my make up wouldn’t sit well even if I attempted to cover it.

A few years ago, this all changed and I have been able to embrace my natural skin for a long time now. Anyone who is close to me or sees me regularly knows that I rarely wear make up and I’m confident like that. I have one person to thank; Liz Earle. I swear by these products and their brand ethos; they don’t test on animals, they look after the environment, and they’re all natural ingredients. So much so, before I left for my travels I actually worked for them.Previously, I was a beauty therapist, so a daily skincare ritual of ‘cleansing, toning and moisturising’ has thankfully been drilled into my head.

Starting with the UK’s best selling cleanser I use the Cleanse & Polish – Hot Cloth Cleanser. I apply that to my skin and rub it in everywhere. It smells amazing, and it is so natural that you can rub it all over your eyes and remove eye make up too; these are thanks to the soothing products Eucalyptus and Chamomile. It’s a really rich and luxurious cream texture – thats the coco butter and beeswax. You’ll never waste a drop because 1 pump is measured exactly to your face. I remove that with the 100% cotton muslin cloth which I make damp in a bowl of warm water. I gently buff the skin as it removes any last traces of dirt. The cloths aid in making the skin soft and smoothed over which also prepares it for the application of make up. It is so important that you continue to change your muslin cloths regularly.

*Rina’s quick tip: If I have on more make up than usual, I always start by going over my face with a face wipe. That way I can get rid of the layer on top. Then I follow with the hot cloth cleanser*

Secondly, the Skin Tonic. The most refreshing toner ever. Toners are so important because you need to close the pores that you’ve just opened after cleansing. The Liz Earle Tonic literally boosts your skin the moment its applied. I use both the bottle and spray toner. I love to use the spray bottle if I’m in a rush, or throughout the day to give me skin extra wake up call – perfect for anyone who feels a bit grubby after using the tubes. The bottle version is great to use if I’ve worn make up, as using cotton pad really helps wipe off any last bits.

The great thing about the cleanser and toner is that they only have one of each in the entire brand. It goes to show that they really are suitable for everyone and all skin types.Lastly,  I use the Skin Repair Moisturiser daily. It is only their moisturiser which breaks it up into 3 skin type categories; oily, dry and normal combination. I use Normal to combination. I don’t have any major concerns and my skin is combination in the sense that my nose and cheeks are dry, but forehead and chin and are a little oily. This moisturiser is really lightweight and it instantly absorbs in to the skin. Its satin like texture smooths out your skin prepping it for make up application. If its wintertime and your skin really needs some TLC and intense nourishment, i’d recommend the Superskin moisturiser. My night time treats: 

At night time, in replacement of moisturiser I use my all time favourite product; Superskin concentrate for night. An oil, suitable for everyone. It smells like a spa filled with aromatherapy oils, it is dreamy. It really gives a sense of uplift, it helps you sleep and every morning I wake up feeling like I’ve been given new plump, radiant skin. It includes several amazing oils that your skin just can’t miss; Avocado, Chamomile, Argon, Hazelnut, Neroli, Rosehip, Lavender and the antioxidant that is Vitamin E. It is well worth treating yourself to the bigger bottle as it lasts ages and you get way more for your money, it really is an investment.

My final skincare treat; Superskin eye cream. No matter what people say, everyone needs an eye cream. It not only targets current signs of ageing, it prevents it in the future. In addition, I suffer from dark eye circles and despite people telling me that it’s because I don’t drink enough – I know that can’t be it as I drink loads of water daily. Well, this eye cream includes Pomegranate fruit and green tea extracts to lessen the appearance of dark circles and Alfalfa extract to ease puffiness. Perfect! Likewise, its a real treat for dry, tired eyes. I personally apply this at night time only, before my oil but thats just my preference and it can be used morning and night.

I always think its really important to use the same brand products because they all compliment each other. For example, I wouldn’t use all natural Liz Earle and then a very scientific brand like Clinique. Keep it simple; cleanse, tone, moisturise and treat your skin to a few extras at night time. Remember a good skin care routine is the key to clear skin. If you look after it, it will look out for you.

Product details: 

Definitely give this brand and these a products a try! You won’t be disappointed.

Please note – I have a fresh face with no make up on in these photos and no they have not been edited at all.


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