Keeping. It. Simple.

First of all, I want to apologise that this post is way, way overdue! I’m sure that all the students can relate the lead up to Christmas is super hectic with essays and exams due. Nevertheless, I have finished my uni work and I am ready to kick back for Christmas and focus on my Blog …and as of the New Year, soon to be Vlog alongside it. Yay!

Todays look; Keeping. It. Simple.

I absolutely love this look. There is a preview of it featured in my video on the homepage and finally, I can show it off and give you all the juicy details.

This outfit is suitable day or night, and it is especially perfect for that ‘date night’ look with the girls or the other half. It’s simple pieces put together, which individually have their own little bit of flare.

As always, I am going to be totally honest. I didn’t actually mean to pair my black choker with this outfit – I forgot that I had it on. However, saying that, it was an unexpected surprise…. as I absolutely love it. The outfit would feel bare without it and it really levels out the black accessories. It makes it that little bit more edgy.

The white shirt is the most comfortable material ever, it’s really lightweight and similar to a linen material. It’s a really nice piece to take on holiday and throw over a bikini. On the negative side, it constantly needs ironing; the bane of my life! The pockets either side of the bust gives the shirt a really sweet finish and the dark contrast of the buttons against the white really brings it to life. Male or female, I personally always prefer buttoning shirts all the way up, but it can be worn with the top one or two undone as well. Remember to always wear white underwear – just incase it rains!

Teamed with these beautiful faded denim jeans. These are literally my new all time faves and I wish that they were available in a variety of colours, as grey would look amazing. The highlight of these being; the mixture of blue faded into white in all the right places. The cute rips are subtle and not overpowering like most jeans these days. Likewise, the bottom of the jeans are frayed with a freshly unravelled trim. I haven’t seen many jeans with this effect. I think it makes the ankles look really sassy and it goes great with trainers or heels. 

On this occasion, I wore my black suede stilettos. They have a striking silver heel which is really thick (thick heels are very in right now). They were in the sale when I purchased them, from Miss Selfridge for a bargain price of only £15! Unfortunately that was some time ago, but I will find an alternative for the details below. They work well with everything and they are always my go-to interview or work heels.

Lastly, the beautiful snakeskin bag that keeps cropping up. Zara you’ve done it again! A little on the pricier side, but a complete investment as I use it all the time. I am obsessed with the light catching pattern and it is so soft with a tamed fur like texture. In this case the thick metal chain matches the metallic silvery heel on my stilettos, yet thankfully Zara thought ahead with comfort as there is a soft, black material patch on the chain to gently rest over your shoulder. I have a habit of doubling up chains on bags so they’re shorter, but they also look great placed as one long chain over the shoulder or as a cross over bag.

 Outfit details below:

Please note: Some of the items are no longer available, in which case I have suggested alternatives or I would recommend trying eBay.

I hope you loved catching up with me and my #KeepingItSimple look. The wait wont be so long next time. Don’t forget to subscribe to be the first for updates.

Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle.


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