Hair so big it’s full of secrets

Having my hair cut is probably one of my biggest fears. It has taken me years to grow my hair to a decent length and it still isn’t the long length and thickness that I dream of having. Although, some day’s I have the urge to cut it all off and go #KhloeKardashian because that look is smoking hot this season!

Before: img_9952I used to live by getting my hair cut every 6-8 weeks and let me tell you something, any honest hairdresser will tell you straight up that it will never move length, if you cut it that often. I mean, it’s common sense now I think about it. So, here is my biggest secret to growing my hair from the tips of my shoulders right down to my waist in a short amount of time …….I cut my hair every 8-12 months! Even then, I have barely anything off and I will only ever get a blunt cut. My hairdresser always tells me that it’s ok to get it cut that often as long as I’m not punishing my hair with excessive heat and colouring. So I try to avoid daily heat as much as possible and my hair colour is completely natural. The only time I made an exception to getting it cut more frequently is before I went traveling and when I came home.img_8707*Rina’s quick tip: Before going swimming, or into sea water – pour a bottle of water over your hair first. This helps the hair soak it up so the chlorine and salt water doesn’t get there first and cause more damage. Think of your hair like it’s a sponge*

Likewise, be sure to take multivitamins, drink plenty of water and have a balanced diet! Apparently exercise helps too…. but honestly, I can’t really comment on that, because last time I had sight of a treadmill was years ago!
img_8711Product wise, I live by Lee Stafford Argon oil hair care collection and his pink back comb brush will always be in my handbag! I have the flattest hair, and I crave volume.img_8715

img_8716Usually, I make an effort to go back to my hometown to have my hair cut by my regular hairdresser; Seb from Esteem, he is amazing so if you live in Norwich, be sure to give him a visit. As I was unable to visit home on this occasion, I booked in at the Daniel Hershesons salon along Conduit Street, I had heard and seen such great results.img_8718I instantly got really good energy from my hairdresser Premlee, and the salon. Premlee made me feel completely at ease and comfortable. I was moaning about my flat hair and he explained that I have fine strands of hair, but absolutely loads of them! So my hair is pretty heavy which unfortunately gives me that flat hair look. He was very honest and suggested that I switch it up for once. To solve the flat issue he suggested that we put in a few more long layers and actually give me a swept side fringe which would shape my face better. I completely trusted him, and this is probably the most adventurous i’ve been for years, but I love it! My hair felt full of volume, bounce and nourishment. He really took his time and he topped it off with a gorgeous blow dry. If I had it my way, I would have a fresh professional blow dry done three times a week and never bother doing my hair at home, but with limited time thats pretty unrealistic.
The salon had a really great vibe, it was modern and glamourous. From the moment I walked in they ensured I was well looked after and I had one of the best head massages that I’ve ever had, it was so relaxing!

After: img_9947

img_8720I try to avoid washing my hair as much as possible, so I usually wash it two or three times a week. I try my hardest to keep natural oils in but there is no denying, I am submissive to a bit of the Aussie dry shampoo!
As much as I would love to be able to do my own blow dry finish, I find it impossible with long hair. My arms literally aren’t long enough to do it all. So, my blow dry alternative is using thick barrel curlers followed by rollers.img_8719I hope you like the finish as much as I do! Don’t forget to give the salon a visit and ask for Premlee!

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