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I am most comfortable and happy when I’m at home, snuggled up or being playful and silly in my PJ’s. I think I got all of the partying out my system when I was in my teen years. Now I am a true home bird who loves to chill with a good movie! So this a great opportunity to tell you a little more about me, with the hope it makes you all feel like you know me on more of a personal level.So lets start with the basics before I get on to the more unusual, weird yet wonderful Q&A.

Where did I grow up? I was born and raised in beautiful Norwich. I still visit, although not as often as I’d like. My mum and her beautiful 4 kitties live in the city centre there. Whilst I’m based in North London, very close to Finsbury park.

I’m 22 years old and I’m an Aries, with a Diamond birthstone (Well suited since they say a diamond is girls best friend!). Born on April 2nd, the day after April fools day. If I had a pound for every time id heard “You’re lucky you weren’t born on April fools day” I’d be rich! To be frank, I still don’t know what that joke even means.What do I do now? I’m studying Business Management (Entrepreneurship) BA Honours at the University of Westminster.

I also work around my studies part time as a PA to the CEO for a financial and education charity called MyBnk. We are an award winning charity who deliver financial and enterprise education directly to 7-25 year olds in schools and youth organisations. It’s perfect for me as it relates directly to my studies and its a really rewarding organisation to be involved with.

Ok now the boring part is over, below are some weird and wonderful facts about me 🙂

Dogs or cats? I love all animals – but I am dying for a puppy! (I hope my fiance is reading this because this is the second blog post hint now lol).

Sweet or savoury? Everyone who knows me, knows that I really appreciate a scrumptious dessert and that I strongly enforce the no sharing policy. Nandos caramel cheesecake & GU Zillionares cheesecake are my all time faves right now.

My most embarrassing moment? When I was really young I got my head stuck in between railings! It was awful!! Then my mum came along and it turned out I wasn’t stuck at all, I just kept turning my head the wrong way lol. 

In your group of friends, what role do you play? I will always play the honest one. I don’t beat around the bush or BS anyone. My friends can safely say that I give them the realest talk whether they like it or not, its honest and they appreciate that. It will always be in their best interest even if they don’t see it straight away. Honesty is the best policy! I know that I’d much rather my girlfriends be honest with me if I’m making a mistake or if they think a dress looks awful. 

Favourite film? Cruel intentions.

My guilty pleasure? I LOVE squeezing, picking and bursting spots. But not my own – my fiances haha. We could be anywhere and if I clock on to a slight imperfection, I will be on it, no matter where we are.

My favourite celebrities that I would love to meet? Kim Kardashian & Victoria Beckham easy! But I would love to meet Charlie Hunnam too. The list goes on now I think about it.. Tom Hardy… Beyonce..

When did I last cry? Literally the other day I got emotional watching bride wars! Also my engagement was pretty overwhelming and emotional.

Do I smoke? No, never. I hate it!

Do I have any tattoos? I have 3 tattoos. One on my wrist, and one either side of my hips. I think they give character to people. 

My favourite drinks? Alcohol wise; Mojitos and a cranberry vodka would be my go to drink. Through out a normal day I get through so much peppermint tea and water!

My worst habit? I am so indecisive! and I have a bad habit of giving all my girlfriends advice, and then not taking my own advice. Raj makes all of my final decisions on things. I am also a major over thinker.

My favourite song right now? I can always listen to Wash Away by Wilkinson.

Do I dance? I am the worst dancer but I am always the first on the dance floor anywhere there is decent music. Raj & I love to get up and make the most of the dance floor when were together!

Exercise? We have a gym and a spa / pool in our development and I never ever use the gym. But I LOVE to use the spa and swim as much as I can. 

The furthest I’ve ever been from home? Last year I travelled around South America & Asia, so definitely both of those!

The last book I read? ‘Get your shit together’ and a business textbook unfortunately! I wasn’t that impressed with either!

How did I meet my fiancé? We are a Tinder success!

My dream career? I’d love to be a full time online influencer of course, but my long term goal has always been to have my own successful business. I just want to be able to travel and work anywhere in the world to be honest.

My favourite make up product right now? Estee Lauders new water weight double wear foundation! It isn’t anything like the classic, thick double wear so this is much better suited to natural, medium coverage. It works wonders on dry skin like mine. I love it!

Let me know if there is anything else that you would love to know about me!! 

PS my super cute Pjs are from Missguided!



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  1. Nicole September 16, 2017 / 5:46 pm

    Great fun read. X

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