Feeling angelic in Paris

Midnight of 2016 I made the new years resolution that I would spend the New year of 2017 in another country. I can successfully tick that off as I was lucky enough to see in the New Year in Paris… and well, I fell totally in love. But first…. Here’s what I wore whilst going into the 2017 transition!

I brought this gorgeous crisp, white number along because it was white to match the beautiful buildings and I knew it would complete my New Year outfit. I felt utterly angelic walking through Paris bright in white. My stunning diamante shoes dazzled and the thigh high splits flattered my short little legs in all the right places.I know that thigh high splits are a little ballsy, but they are everywhere right now and if the stars cant influence us, who can? Chrissy Teigen, Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Ciara, Rita Ora and more are all loving them. They certainly knew how to rock them at the red carpet events.I always say “boobs or bum”, you can’t show off both at the same time. So because this shows my thighs and legs, I am so glad that it has a high tunic neck. The neck is really charming as it delicately folds over.

The dress gently glides over the hips and is a really lightweight material – so if your going out, be sure to wear a thick coat until you reach the event (I am obsessed with faux fur coats right now). This tunic dress would also look beautiful with leather pants or trousers. I bought this a few years back from Topshop, but there are so many alternatives around. It really is a just a simple, sleek, sexy dress!

My beautiful shoes are the most glitzy item I own and they are literally covered in rhinestones. I love all things sparkly and as these were in the sale it was an easy purchase. I think a French pedicure is the perfect finish when you have your toes on show and being in Paris, it made sense.

Lastly, I always wear my diamond studs and they match my heels perfectly. I love the little sparkle they give as I turn my head in the light. They’re elegant and pretty, twinning with the heels.

This is a really simple outfit, less really is more with it as the sparkles are the finishing touch. I went for simple make up and a bit of eyeliner, but I think next time I will try something a little more extravagant with bold silvery, glitter eyes.

My next post will be all about my wonderful time in Paris and the best things to do and see. Be sure to subscribe to be in the know before anyone else.

 Outfit details below:

Please note: Some of the items are no longer available, in which case I have suggested alternatives or I would recommend trying eBay.



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