Welcome to my world!

I’m Marina, however my close friends and family call me Rina. I moved to London last year when I began my degree in Business Management with Entrepreneurship. This includes a module called ‘how to create and build an online presence’. This is an area that I am really interested in, so I thought what better place to start, than to create my own website!

I am at the exciting age of 21 and I’m originally from a charming city called Norwich, which if you haven’t been – you must visit! Since making the big move, I feel like I have had the opportunity to really blossom as a person. I’ve been lucky enough to spend my summer traveling to places that I can only describe as paradise. My favourites to date are definitely; Gili Trawangan, Rio De Janiero and Singapore.

In addition, being in one of the “Big Four” fashion capitals of the world, on a daily basis I’m introduced, inspired and influenced by new and creative trends. Everyone and everything is so versatile in London. No matter what you wear or how you look, you will always fit in, and you will always be fabulous.

Lastly, I took the leap as I returned to education, leaving my professional beauty therapy background behind me, in order to create a foundation to fulfil my ambition of creating my own business.

My blog is a hobby, where I can share my own exciting journey with everyone and hope to inspire others. Like anyone, I love to explore the world, I love the fashion and beauty industry and most of all, I love life.

Anybody close to me will tell you that I am very honest and I love to express my opinion, so what better place to do so, than here. I hope you enjoy reading all about my favourite things and I hope this gave you an insight into my world.

Remember, don’t let anyone dull your sparkle!