The sparkliest night of the year

One of my favourite most sparkly nights of the year; Fireworks night. We spent our evening filled with excitement at Kempton Park, one of the best displays in West London. We hoped this location might not be as busy as most, but it was absolutely packed out with thousands of people. On a brighter note the entry fee supports charity.

London has displays going on everywhere but we chose this one because the location was close to us and the reviews were great. YES, it definitely lived up to expectations! We were marvelled as the skyline lit up with breath-taking fireworks. The display lasted ages and the sky was full with beautiful colours and patterns. We also enjoyed the thrill of the fairground rides – Raj won me a cute little pink Dolphin teddy, which we decided to name Bora (Because Bora Bora is our dream destination on our bucket list and I can only imagine that pink dolphins would live there if they existed).

screen-shot-2016-11-06-at-21-12-17The atmosphere was full of excitement and happiness. Another perfect example of why I love this event; it really brings a sense of community as everyone comes together to celebrate, and that doesn’t happen often being in one of the busiest cities in the world.img_9423

You can party with the DJ in the stands and tuck into to scrumptious fairground food with christmassy drinks to match! There is something for everyone.
Although it was freezing, I absolutely love that feeling of winter when you can finally be all cosy and snuggled in warm boots, oversized sweaters and fur hoods. I thought deep orange was an appropriate colour for the evening and the season.
cwmj6lcwiaadxhwView the video and gallery below to see the beautiful display.

The only down fall about the event, is that we didn’t see a bonfire.

You can check out Londons best firework displays here: bare them in mind for next year!

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